Monday, December 17, 2007

A Lifetime of Fitness

Well, at least a winter of fitness. Since the new, top-secret 2008 training plan includes a cycle of weight training, I am now a member of Lifetime Fitness located in South Jordan. And while we chose to join Lifetime because of its location (according to Google Maps it's 2.6 miles door-to-door), I should say that the cherrywood lockers, granite countertops and limestone tile aren't bad either. After two visits I must admit that I'm actually enjoying the experience. Thus far I'm just messing around with the cardio machines as I finish up my 2nd week off the bike: Elliptical, stairmaster and rowing machine (in that order) combine for close to an hour of aerobic exercise the likes of which I had never experienced (this is the time I've been a member of a gym). Who knew that it was possible to "run" with little to no impact on my knees? Crazy. On Saturday I even tried a few laps in the pool with mixed results. I was happy to realize I could still swim but struggled finding a rhythm breathing. I don't see a triathalon in my future anytime soon!

Next week I'm back on the bike and plan to give rollers a go for the first time. So far winter is proving to be a season of firsts.


Unknown said...

try one of those mini indoor-swim triathlons to test it out.

practice a little and you'll be fine.

my first few times back in the pool a year or so ago didn't go smoothly, either. But after a while, I found my stroke and enjoyed it.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I love doing a swim, then jumping on the trainer to sweat off the chlorine. In fact, I am swimming tonight. It took me about 3 or 4 swim visits to work out the details (tight shoulders, breathing rhythm, etc).

Unknown said...

also, don't be afraid -- or ashamed -- to use a kick board or the little thing you squeeze between your thighs (no, not that little thing) when you swim at the gym. They'll help you swim with better form, are floatation devices and the 'serious' swimmers use them all the time so you'll look 'serious.'

Piotrek said...

Lifetime 2000 (Van Winkle) is were I used to go. That is until Big Muscle (Gold's) bought it and moved it 300' up the street so per their contracts, the old Lifetime members could no longer attend the "new" Gold's facility. Luckily, one of the old members was a litigation lawyer. They're not all bad (lawyers).