Monday, October 15, 2007

Modified Big Dog Loop

I rode a slightly modified version of the Big Dog Loop in Park City this afternoon. I say modified because my computer reported 18 miles while the online trail description says it should only be 16. The weather today was amazing: Sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-60's which made the decision to ride a no brainer. Given that rain is forecast for the remainder of the week (I watched the weather report on KSL 5 this evening and Len Randolph said that this will be the 5th weekend IN A ROW that it has rained - crazy!) Ed and I slipped out of the office around 2 pm. A short 25 miles later and we were at the trailhead.

True to the name of the ride, we ran into a herd of sheep being managed by a big sheep dog. Ed was in front of me at the time and said the dog initially took him for a threat and started chasing. When I reached them the dog was hanging out in the road (I'm guessing he was keeping an eye on Ed) while Ed waited for me to catch up.

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Anonymous said...

That dog was infact flying!