Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Times

Do you ever wonder why everybody you ride with is faster than you? I do. Quite often in fact. Sometimes I wonder if I'm riding with the wrong people. More often than naught, however, I feel that I'm riding with the perfect people. I guess the answer to the question really comes down to perspective. If I want to get faster I need to ride with faster people. At least some of the time. This weekend (and it will be a long weekend for me since the kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday next week) I'll have a little of both, riding with Uhl (who will be stronger than me) and my wife (who, for the time being at least, isn't). Should be a good time. Which, while on the subject of good times, brings me to my ride this afternoon. I called Contender (side note: check out their new website - it's pretty cool) to ask if anybody had been up on the BST this week and received an invite to ride with a few guys from the shop. Not wanting to miss out on the chance to ride with some new guys (new in the sense that I hadn't ridden with them on the dirt before) I quickly changed and rode over to the shop. Ryan, Jim and Gary were ready to go and we started the climb up to the zoo. It didn't take long to realize that I was the slow man in the group. However - and I should note that this has been my experience with all of the stronger guys I've ridden with - they were totally laid back and stopped every now and then to regroup. I had a good time chasing them over to Dry Creek then up and around to the Bobsled. Today's ride is what led me to pose the original question that started this entry and now that I'm back at the beginning I think I'll end on that circular note.


Piotrek said...

Are you heading to ID, or is Uhl coming down?

UtRider said...

We'll be visiting my parents in Boise. You and your wife should drive up. It's a little known fact but Boise, ID is one of the premier vacation destinations in the country. :)

Anonymous said...

You've got me wanting to break out the mtn bike and ride BST for a bit. I've had lunch a few times at the Huntsman Cancer hospital and watched longingly as I saw cyclists pedal past.

My dirt bike is nothing special, but I'm going to have to give that trail a try before I wimp out completely because of the cold.

Utah Mnt biker said...

Riding with better riders is always a good way to learn and push yourself. Just make sure you don't do it on a recovery day. The way you are going next year you'll be waiting for me on the trail.

When are you going to try Cyclocross?