Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Back-to-back BST Part II

If you haven't been out on the SLC section of the BST do it soon. The weather this week has been amazing and the recent rains have left the trails in excellent condition.

After watching ROAM over the weekend I had to do the Bobsled on Monday. And while I certainly wasn't going big, I did enjoy carving the high, banked turns. Oh yeah, and I want to learn how to ride a wheelie. Anybody out there want to teach me? Those dudes in the video were riding wheelies down everything. Looks like fun.

Today I headed out at lunch with Ed for a Tour de BST. We rode up to the zoo and jumped on the trail. We did a couple of the side loops on our way to Red Butte and then turned up the gravel road to ride the high trail along the ridge back to the main BST. Up Dry Creek then over to City Creek we finished by bombing back through the Avenues. One notable event of the ride was that I finally rode the last switchback descending into City Creek (the one with the wood fence on the left side of the trail) without putting a foot down. I should note that I still unclipped my right foot as I went around the corner but I kept if off the ground. Now I need to follow Fox's advice to "just stay in my pedals."

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Piotrek at the Draper Equestrian Center at 8 am for some more dirt riding. Anybody is welcome to join us so if you're interested give me a call, leave a comment or send me an email so we know you're coming.

Note: The photos were taken by Giant Warp who also rode the BST from City Creek to Dry Creek today. Hopefully he doesn't mind...

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

Sorry I missed it, I incorrectly assumed it was an afterwork ride, and I had a prior engagement.