Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tastiest Brat Ever

Kevin's recent series of posts about his trip to Switzerland have brought back memories of my business trip to Zurich in May 2003. Today's post about visiting the Jungfrau and, specifically, the bratwurst he had for lunch, reminded me of the best brat I've had the pleasure to eat. Much of the enjoyment was probably due to the absolutely incredible scenery but that's not to take anything away from the brat itself as well as the accompanying potatoes, saeurkraut and Coke Light which were all most excellent. The Swiss definitely know their sausages!


KanyonKris said...

I'll take your word on the taste of the brat, but I can say that mountain scenery is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Snap! that looks way better than the one I ate. I'm going back and taking a print out of yours.