Friday, April 24, 2009

Corner Canyon

I rode Clarks and Jacobs Ladder for the first time this year today. Sweet! Both were in great shape which tells me it's time to update the Clark's Time Trial blog so it's ready to go for 2009. My thinking is to do the following:

1. Leave the 2008 Results so those who are interested can see historical times

2. Add a new section for 2009 Results

3. Add an All Time Top 10 to the sidebar

Initially the All Time Top 10 will be based on the results from 2008. However, as people submit 2009 times that qualify for the Top 10 I'll update both the 2009 and Top 10 results accordingly.

Here's a picture of the lower entrance to Clark's. Looks good doesn't it? Get your TT on!

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