Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Another day, another out-and-back ride to the SL Marina from the Wells Fargo at 5600 W. The set of 6x30 second intervals went well, though looking back I probably could have gone harder. Of course, hard efforts are much easier outdoors so I had that working to my advantage. They get progressively more difficult as 30 seconds just doesn't provide much time in which to recover!

On a different subject, I'm not very impressed with my Blackberry Curve's camera. Eventually I'll buy an Apple iPhone but until it supports 3G and GPS I'm going to wait. Of course, my Curve doesn't support 3G and GPS either but for 29.99 I couldn't pass it up. For 399/499 the iPhone will need to represent a complete upgrade before I feel good dropping that kind of cash.

I'll probably do it again tomorrow if anybody is interested...

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Anonymous said...

you up for a repeat (or different ride) Friday? Or will you be resting up for the ICUP on Saturday?