Monday, July 14, 2008


Last week I was really dragging so this week has been dedicated to rest & recovery. Fun and mellow rides are on the schedule - no racing until next Tuesday. The only thing I have planned thus far is a Friday night date with Cami on the upper Millcreek Canyon trails. Speaking of which, it would be fun to make it a double, triple, etc. date so if you and your significant other want to come along feel free to join us. Just remember that the pace with be E-A-S-Y. If I ride the 1-gear will it still be considered a recovery ride? It would for sure be fun, but maybe not easy.


irideiwrite said...

Any road rides? I'm still not mtb ready.

UtRider said...

Yeah, probably a few, but they will be so slow you'd likely fall asleep.

irideiwrite said...

ahhh, you are far too kind.

I'm actually going to race DMV on Wednesday, Royal Street on Thursday -- I actually got a committment from my wife to come and support me in this race -- and Sundance on Saturday.

I think Friday will be my 'easy' day where I try to get a gruntload of miles at a soft pace.

If you take the morning off, you can show me the good roads in UtCo and I'll buy the chocolate milk.