Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Garage Sale

I don't have as much stuff as Bart to sell but I do have a few items collecting dust in my garage that I would like to see used. Lately I've been paying attention to the bike ads on Craigslist and it cracks me up how often people use the word deserves in their descriptions. For example, here's an excerpt from an ad placed yesterday:

This bike deserves to be ridden so I've finally decided to sell it. I've taken excellent care of it.

What makes me laugh is that most of the bikes that "deserve to be ridden" really suck. Besides, do you think the bike really cares? As much as we love our bikes, no matter how many good sensations we feel riding, the bike will never, ever express an opinion as to how frequently it leaves the garage. So with that in mind I present to you the parts I have to sell. And, while this stuff certainly doesn't come with any demands as to how often each should be used, I would like to note that you, the reader/rider/prospective buyer, certainly deserves to ride. And nothing makes riding more fun than new (to you) stuff!

  • 2003 Trek 5200 OCLV frame + fork + Chris King NoThreadSet (black) + SRAM Rival Compact Crankset (175 mm arms, 50/34 rings) - $500

    Notes: You can see a picture from last year here. However, I removed a number of the decals this spring so it looks slightly different now.

  • 2004 Velomax Circuit II wheelset (Shimano) - $100

  • Selle Italia Prolink Light Gel Flow Saddle - $40

All are used and have their share of cosmetic flaws (paint chips, nicks in the decals, scuffs, etc.) but are perfectly functional. I rode the frame until I bought my new Madone this September and the wheels have been on my wife's bike the past 3 seasons. I used the saddle on my mountain bike last year.

If you're interested in any of the above let me know (comment/email/call) and we'll arrange a time for you to look at the item(s).


Piotrek said...

I know that there's no bike that I don't deserve to ride.

Levi said...

You can't sell those Velomax wheels, I was there when you bought those. But check out my long-lost uncle:
He turned roadie in a bad way!

UtRider said...

Levi - Is that really your uncle? He looks a lot like you. I'll bet you'd be fast if you started riding. Does your school have a collegiate team? Maybe you should buy the wheels!