Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A day that did not suck


Looking back I think the conference call I had at 8 AM this morning was a stroke of luck as it got me to the Brighton parking lot early enough to 1) Get a front row parking space in front of Milly Express, and 2) Participate in the call (if you call listening silently, muted, to 45 minutes of arguing participating). What surprised me was the fact that when I arrived - nearly an hour before the lifts were scheduled to open - there were at least 10 guys standing in line. Note that the temperature was in the high teens, the wind was blowing (effectively dropping the temperature below zero), and it was snowing quite hard. I don't know about you, but if I stood around in weather like that for more than 10 minutes I'd be frozen solid! Those guys certainly deserved the first chairs.

So after catching the last 10 minutes of the conference call from a private stall (I just couldn't wait any longer...) I was finally able to get my gear and go stand in line. Luckily the call ended before the lift officially opened so I was able to get my headphones put away before the real business started.

Let's just say that 3+ feet of new snow ridden on big, fat, rockered skis does not suck. In fact, it made for an extremely enjoyable morning. So much so that I'll be back tomorrow morning for more. I rode the lift with a group from out-of-state who were in Moab yesterday, but decided last night to drive up and go for a ride in the white room. Spring riding in Utah rules!

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