Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saints to Sinners Bike Relay

Salt Lake City to Las Vegas
July 30th & 31st, 2010. Ride the Saints To Sinners Bike Relay. Over 500 miles of racing from the heavenly heights of Utah to the infernal heat of Las Vegas. Make the cycling trek in teams. The team with the fastest time to Sin City wins.

Ride through the heavens of Utah to the depths of Sin City, dropping 9,000 along the way. Click on the map for more details of each leg of the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay.


Team Rico said...

RRAMU is better

Team Rico said...

and free

JZ said...

Man, the organizers of this event have some balls. An event on public roads with riders on the road at night.

Regardless, good idea and it should be a popular event as such things seem to be all the rage. Looks like they have their sticker design all ready to go.

Rico, where is your RRAMU sticker? Of course that could be taken the wrong way.