Thursday, October 8, 2009

Will Bart repeat in the Clarks TT?

Last night I received an email from Bart Gillespie, local hero and working man's pro mountain bike and cyclocross racer. He had ridden his cross bike to Sandy and decided to give the Clarks TT a go while in the area. In his words:

I started very conservative and just upped the pace as I went, it made it so it did not hurt all that bad becasue I never got close to blowing up.

The result? 8:24! To put that time in perspective consider it's 58 seconds faster than the 2nd best time and 34 seconds faster than Bart's previous best time from 2008.

Can Bart be beaten? From his email it sounds like with slightly higher tire pressure, lighter wheels and less traffic on the trail there's a good chance he could go sub 8 minutes!

I'd really like to see Alex, Ali, Eric, Art, Reed and the other elite cyclocross guys give it a shot on their cross bikes. If somebody is going to beat Bart it will probably be from that group.

Again, in Bart's words, the "dirt is in great shape and the cool temps make it nice" so if you haven't done the tt in a while (or at all for that matter) now is the perfect time. Get out and ride!


Bart G said...

I don't think I can go sub 8

Maybe on the supersix with some burley 28c tires, perfect conditions, Emv, super motivation, tail wind, skinsuit, perfect legs, and a push or two.

Alex would be my bet...

Anonymous said...

Aero helmet. It's all about the aero helmet.