Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bluehouse Skis Pre-Sale

It's time to gear up for the 09-10 winter season!

Check out the Bluehouse Skis pre-sale this Saturday, September 19th beginning at 12:01 AM MDT to save up to 52% off retail.

Yeah, you read that right - up to 52% off retail pricing!

Shoots - Maestro (New)- Mavens

Districts (Backcounty Magazine Editor's Choice Award Winner!)


Antics (New - Telemark Skier Magazine, Telemark Skier Award Winner)


Team Rico said...

snow is for Eskimos and sled dogs. RACE CROSS!

UtRider said...

I don't think that skiing and cross are mutually exclusive. In fact, judging by Bart's performance in the mud and on the snow I'd say they compliment each other quite well!

Come up and join us on the slopes this season.