Thursday, July 16, 2009

Suffering in the Heat

I rolled away from my parent's home in Boise this morning at 10:30.  My plan was to climb Bogus Basin road to the lower lodge of the ski resort that shares the same name. Unfortunately my body had other plans and when my legs went MIA half way up I decided to flip a U- turn at the Forest Service sign.

I still managed 2,200 total feet of elevation gain for the 40 mile ride but wish I'd been able to reach the pine trees and cooler temperatures up higher on the mountain.  You see, it's quite hot right now in Boise - close to 100 degrees for the daytime high temperature and Bogus Basin - especially on the lower slopes - is painfully exposed to the sun.

I think a combination of heat, 5 hours in the car last night and going to bed at 1 AM took a toll on my legs. After showering I filled the tub with cold water (my folks get their water from a well so it's really COLD) and soaked for 15 minutes. Hopefully that helps on tomorrow's ride as I'm planning to head back up. 

Today was my first official ride on a full (front and rear) tubeless setup. Everything worked great and I finished the ride with no flat tires. I must admit to being nervous as I started the descent as a rolled tire or blow off would have most likely resulted in a painful, high speed fall. However, it didn't take long to begin to trust my tires to the point that I stopped using my brakes. Bogus Basin is a super fun descent and the lower pressure I'm able to run tubeless seemed to give me more grip than I'm used to. Very cool!

Pie Tracker:  Pumpkin (not just for the holidays!) and Apricot (with fruit picked from the tree in the backyard).

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Anonymous said...

As much as I hate it, I've been trying to take cold showers lately. Don't even touch the "H" knob. After rides there's nothing better... but in general, it makes me feel tougher.