Friday, June 12, 2009

A damp, but not very muddy, Flying Dog

Image courtesy of Forrest Gladding

I met up with Forrest for a quick session on the lower Park City (or upper Jeremy Ranch?) trails today at lunch. Initial reports from riders coming down the trail were that the lower stuff was good but the upper trails were muddy. We must have timed it just right since we really didn't encounter much in the way of mud. Sure, there were a bunch of puddles and a few of the boardwalk sections on Flying Dog had some mud leading into and out of them, but it was nothing you couldn't ride around, or walk over, without difficulty. In fact, the most mud we encountered was at the very end of the ride on Glenwild as we skirted the golf course through the meadows, but even that wasn't sticky, gunk up your bike stuff, just some wet, dirty soup. However, at that point it started to rain so, not knowing how long it would last, we decided to play it safe and finish up on the road.

Image courtesy of Forrest Gladding

Overall it was an awesome ride with Flying Dog - as is always the case - the highlight. That is just a fun, fun, fun trail to ride. The fact that the surrounding vegetation was incredibly lush and green, the meadows fully in bloom, dirt damp and tacky and our fellow riders few and far between, made it even better. Oh, and both of us were on our single speeds which is, in my opinion, how you should ride these trails. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this area was designed and built by single speeders as the trail flows perfectly, always rolling up or down, never so steep that you worry about losing momentum. It's just one big continuous loop full of silly grins. The fact that I haven't been on a mountain bike since last Wednesday's Full Throttle race made it even better.


KanyonKris said...

Hey, don't you have a new baby or something?

Blackdog said...

Let me say congratulations because I would think the little one should be here by now. Let me know if you get a hall pass this weekend. I am not sure about corner canyon. We had mud slides last night but I think it will be ok. If not I would be willing to travel.