Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bettini gives Stuttgart the finger

"So many people shot at me this week that I wanted to do the same when I crossed the line" he said, explaining his gesture. "So I was shooting at everybody. It was not to anyone in particular but if anybody had a feeling that it was directed at himself, maybe he had a reason."

He then clarified further. "It was not directed to Pat McQuaid. When we have things to say, we do that between us. This was something that I did with my own instinct. It was directed to people who made declarations against me but know nothing about cycling. They are appearing sometimes in cycling solely for economical reasons."

--- Paolo Bettini as quoted on


Forrest said...

If they didnt dope they would submit DNA tests, clear their name and move on, but they dont. To shut me up all I want is Valverde and Bettini to submit to one and they can go on their merry way.

UtRider said...

He agreed to provide blood for DNA analysis but not a years salary. Basically he signed a modified version of the UCI's document. Given the witch-hunt atmosphere in pro cycling right now and taking into consideration how much his salary probably is (2-3+ million Euro?) I don't really blame the guy.

Forrest said...

Get rid of the salary clause, the only clause in the dna agreement should be if clean you can race, if not, you get the standard 2 yr ban. I also do not agree with the lifetime ban thing, people can change and move on if given a second chance. Serve the sentence and move on. I wish Floyd and Hamilton would have done that, but nope.