Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Steady Diet of Dirt

Another quick lunch ride this afternoon. I left the office and immediately started climbing up D Street through the Avenues to 11th Avenue. Hanging a left I made my way back over to City Creek Canyon where I jumped on the BST heading west. My goal was the radio towers and I came up a bit short due to time constraints. However, I was able to check out the sweet views from the southern overlook.

According to the Suunto T6, elevation gain was 1,234 in 4.5 miles. The trail was narrow, steep and loose which made for a fun climb and interesting descent. In the above picture (click it to view full size) you can see the trail mid-way between the homes and the rock outcropping on the hillside. I was surprised how all the switchbacks I had rode on the way up seemed so sketchy on the way down. Climbing I only touched down once when my rear wheel spun out in an especially steep and loose section. Going down I put a foot down probably 3 or 4 times as I hacked my way through the tight corners.


mark said...

What does your Monday look like? Interested in a lunch ride (on the road)?

UtRider said...

What do you have in mind?

mark said...

How about a quick lap up either emigration or city creek?