Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dirt for Lunch

Work has been INSANE for close to a month now with no end in sight until the end of October. Riding my bike is the best way I've found to shed stress and anxiety so after a hectic Tuesday with no release I had to do something today. Originally I'd planned to ride in the evening but when I was given the opportunity to ride at lunch I jumped on it which was a good call as had I waited there would have been no ride.

I hit the BST between City Creek and Dry Creek with Ed who straight out of the gates proceeded to work me over. Not only has the excessive amount of work been bad for my mental state but it's not doing anything to help my fitness level either! Last year I mentioned to Ed how someday I'd like to try riding up City Creek instead of always heading up Dry Creek and descending City. He tried it, hated it and said he'd never do it again.

Well, today I discovered that route has become a favorite of his and I had the pleasure of experiencing it myself. All I have to say is that I hated it and will never do it again! At least not for a week. And probably not on my single speed. It hurt really, really bad. Did I mention how my fitness is rapidly disappearing? The City Creek climb isn't very friendly. However, I suffered my way up and was proud to make it without putting a foot down. I had a few close calls on the rocky switchbacks but managed to keep the pedals turning and survived.

Riding down Dry Creek was fun, but given the fact that the trail is composed mainly of sand over hardpack it's a bit difficult to stop for all the oncoming traffic without skidding at least 3-5 feet. And that when I was riding really slow to begin with. It's definitely a better ride up in my opinion. Next time I feel like punishing myself I think I'll ride up City Creek and drop down the Bobsled.

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