Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Real Good Day

This morning I set off for the office with my mountain bike and associated gear so I could go straight to the Wednesday night race at Soldier Hollow. However, it wasn't more than an hour after leaving the house that I fell victim to the racing curse placed on me by Warren. You see, yesterday, while chatting about the possibility of leading a group of IMBA members on a ride this weekend, I had mentioned my plan to do the Wednesday night race. At the time I didn't realize the consequences that would result from such an innocent comment. Now, looking back on our conversation after my experiences today, I'm beginning to understand that talking to Warren about a race will set in motion a sequence of events that will prevent me from participating. In fact, it wasn't 5 minutes after I'd finished a quick conference call with a client that a friend (who also happens to be a co-worker) asked if I'd like to go to the Real Salt Lake game tonight at 7 pm. He was stuck attending a wedding and wouldn't be able to use his two season tickets. It is relevant to note that his seats happen to be located on the 40 yard line, in row 3. Obviously I had no choice but to accept his generous offer. My 8-year old son was super excited to go with me, having just finished his first season of city league soccer. So the race was off, the soccer game was on, and all that remained was to figure out what to do with all of the mountain biking stuff I had with me in the office. After a quick chat with Kris that issue was soon resolved: We would meet later that afternoon to ride the Deer Creek South Fork loop in American Fork Canyon. After the ride I'd jet home, shower, grab a bite to eat and drive to the game. A plan that I'm happy to say worked out perfectly.

Sorry, no pictures from the soccer game.


Utah Mnt biker said...

Does that mean we aren't on speaking terms anymore? I already know you aren't racing Solitude since I asked you about that. Should I ask about races for the rest of the year?

UtRider said...

We can talk about anything, the caveat is that I need to avoid stating my intentions to race. For example, instead of saying, "Yeah, I'm planning to do [insert event name here] too" I'll say, "Yeah, that sounds like a fun race." A subtle, but very important difference. :)

j_e said...

Nobody wants pictures from the soccer game. Why would we want to see a picture of a game in which nothing happened?