Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Piotr should race mountain bikes... he'd totally kill it in the 40+ Intermountain Cup categories. Open up a huge gap on the ups and manage his losses on the downs.

It was fun to finally meet Piotr after commenting on each others' blogs for the better part of a year. I had the impression that he could climb and while he may not have been totally comfortable riding the dirt this morning - not to mention the fact that the release tension on his pedals was so light he would pull out after any hard effort - he sure didn't have any trouble making me suffer on the way up! For this being his first day on the trails he also descended very well. Clarks was so much fun that after climbing up on the road and ripping down we decided to flip a U-turn and climb back up Clarks for another shot at the dh. The trails were in great shape with Clarks showing particularly fine form.

We're hoping to talk the Hornet into joining us next time!


Piotrek said...

I also made you suffer by forcing you to constantly brake on the way down.

Tim Little said...

Some of the better low-end bikes are mongoose bicycles since they have the most of the modern thinks like dual suspension and disc brakes